About me

My name is Nabil Hassein and I am a software developer interested in way too many topics, including web development, accessible user interfaces, interactive maps, machine learning, security, interpreters and compilers, distributed systems including peer-to-peer and blockchain applications, type systems, functional programming, and modern systems programming.

This is my mostly-technical blog – I hope you find some of what I write interesting! You can also check out my github for more things I’ve worked on than I’ve gotten around to documenting on this blog at any given point in time.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia but have lived in New York City since 2008 except for one year. I’ve been based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for a few years now.

Notable among the many interesting places where I’ve learned many interesting things are New York University, which I graduated in 2012 with a degree in mathematics and computer science, and the Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School), which I’ve attended twice, in the summer of 2013 and from late March through mid-August 2016 – that is, currently.

I’m active in the NYC tech community – for example, I’m one of the organizers of !!con.

I also do political organizing work in the movement for Black lives, but I plan to write about such topics on this blog only to the extent that they intersect with my work as a technologist. You can follow me on twitter if you’re interested in my politics and the other random life topics I tweet about in addition to tech.

Finally, you can see the source code for this website here.