About me

My name is Nabil Hassein and I am a software developer interested in way too many topics, including full-stack web development, accessible user interfaces, interactive maps, art (especially games!), math, type systems, functional programming, machine learning, interpreters and compilers, and distributed systems including peer-to-peer and blockchain applications.

This is my mostly-technical blog – I hope you find some of what I write interesting! You can also check out my github for more things that I’ve worked on than I will have gotten around to documenting on this blog at any given point in time.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia but have lived in New York City since 2008 except for one year. I’ve been staying in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for some while now, and have no intention of moving.

Notable among the many places where I’ve learned many interesting things are New York University, which I graduated in 2012 with a degree in mathematics and computer science, the Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School), which I’ve attended twice, in the summer of 2013 and from late March through mid-August 2016, and the School for Poetic Computation, where I am a full-time student at for the Spring 2018 term, and have previously studied at for various brief durations.

I’m active in certain NYC tech communities – for example, I’m one of the organizers of !!con.

I also do political organizing work in the movement for Black lives, but I plan to write about such topics on this blog only to the extent that they intersect with my work as a technologist. My hope is that that will be an increasing extent over time. We’ll see how that goes. In the meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter if you’re interested in my politics and the other random life topics I tweet about in addition to tech.

Finally, you can see the source code for this website here.