I don’t post all that often, and the speed of the platform doesn’t match my own slower style of processing and doing things. But this is still one of the better ways to get in touch with me if we haven’t met in person, and it’s also a decent way to stay up with me if we have!


I don’t consider myself strong at visual communication compared to text, but I’m pretty open on here about my activities, and am trying to use it more consistently for promotion of events I organize.


I tend to be pretty slow to reply here due to volume, on top of not being a very fast person in general, but I try my best to get back eventually.


I’m typically @nabilhassein on any social platform I use, like github. I don’t check any of them on a regular basis besides the above.

That’s about it

I also use numerous private channels for various communities, so you can also contact me there if we’re both members of one of them, but it’s really a struggle for me to keep up with so many forms of communication. So if you invite me to connect with you in some other way and I decline, it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you! It’s because I see limiting the number of forms of communication I use as my only hope of staying on top of each one. My apologies if I fail to reply to you despite my best efforts.