I’ve given a fair number of interviews by now, mainly (though not exclusively) to promote the police and prison abolitionist organizing I participate in, but haven’t previously taken any effort to compile or consolidate those media appearances. In the spirit of better documenting my public work, below is a partial list of articles/podcasts/etc. that I’ve been featured in. This particular page is primarily for media created by others; my own work typically belongs elsewhere on this blog, like the home page, although there is also an “op-eds” section at the bottom, in case I ever write anything else for the establishment media (not in my plans for now).

After a draining push doing press work on behalf of the No New Jails NYC campaign, I set an intention to spend less time talking to journalists who fundamentally do not align with my values and goals, even if they have access to platforms and audiences I lack. I want to spend more time speaking to my own community members and building the reach and power of independent media (activist, scholarly, popular, or whatever) where I can express and represent myself as I see fit, whether under my own name, or unsigned under the name of a collective I am a member of. That said, I am still happy to occasionally speak with media workers who do share at least some of my politics, and I have not completely sworn off engagement with the mainstream media. So, please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in interviewing me!

Interviews with me

Articles quoting me

Op-eds by me