I’ve given more presentations than I can recall in my years as a teacher, an organizer and a programmer; however, the overwhelming majority of them were not recorded. In some of those cases, you might find other documentation such as my own notes or slides, on this website or my github or elsewhere. This particular page is purely for videos of presentations that were recorded.

Computing, climate change, and all our relationships

This ~40 minute presentation was my first ever large conference talk, given on May 21st 2018 at Deconstructconf. You can read my more full reflections here on this website, as well as either viewing the video or reading the transcript at the Deconstructconf website. For accessibility reasons, I did my best to describe the images that were part of the presentation, which should also enable folks to listen to it like a podcast, if that’s more your thing than watching video.

An introduction to on the Coding Train

This was my first time doing a coding livestream, as a guest on Dan Shiffman’s “Coding Train” Youtube channel, on October 5th 2018. The video was sponsored by Spell, and in it I demonstrated how to use their platform (and ml5.js) to train an LSTM neural network to generate text in the style of a particular author, using as an example a variant on my old generative-DOOM project.

As someone comically pointed out in the live chat that I later had a chance to read, I was a bit nervous and uptight, in retrospect for no good reason – I’ll loosen up more the next time!

Meet the students at the School for Poetic Computation

Every term at the School for Poetic Computation, the students give short presentations to introduce themselves to the community. I was one of the students in spring 2018, so like all of the other students in that term, I gave a short talk on March 6th 2018. You can read my more full reflections on the evening and my first few weeks as a student at SFPC here.