hello, world

My name is Nabil Hassein and this is my mostly-technical blog. I’ve been meaning to create one for about three or five years now, so even though I’m still not totally happy with many aspects of this blog – the styling, the layout, the absence of any analytics whatsoever, the fact that I don’t yet fully understand Gatsby, the React.js-based static site generator I used to create it – it’s well past time that I start just publishing the content I want to put out there.

My most recent full-time job was at a now-defunct medical startup called Betterpath, from October 2013 to February 2016, where I worked mostly on backend development in Scala, plus a fair amount of devops/system administration thrown in. I gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience during that time, but after over two years of work, there’s nothing I had a hand in building that I can directly show. What a shame!

Hence my renewed, and now, actualized desire to create this blog to document my projects and learnings from my second stint at the Recurse Center, still in progress as I post this. (My first time attending was in the summer of 2013, when it was still known as Hacker School.)

Check back to learn what all those are!