On predictive policing

I gave this talk during the Recurse Center’s Never Graduate Week on May 9th, 2017.

This presentation is really more of a historical and political discussion of policing in general, although the name is not a complete lie. My primary motivation was to carve out room for a discussion of police and prison abolition in a tech space, taking racist machine learning models as a highly relevant contemporary example to motivate folks to think about our social and political obligations as technologists.

Here is a link to the HTML slides.

It won’t give the same sense you would have gotten from also hearing me say the words to go along with it, but I think it is reasonably coherent even without that! If nothing else, it has a lot of links to interesting documents and resources. (There are no actual written speaker notes.)

I generated these slides using org-reveal. They, and the source notes, live in a separate github repository.